4 - 5 June 2019 // Nuremberg, Germany

The exhibition's media partners


Trade journals and online portals are important multipliers of the automotive industry. Our media partners report on up-to-date market developments and comprehensive trends of the industry.

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AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION is the industry’s trade journal for the automobile and automotive supply industry. Published on a monthly basis, it is required reading at top management level – i.e. among board members and managing directors – as well as providing information for decision-makers and co-decision-makers in the areas of purchasing, development and production. Editorial staff research exclusive news relating to OEM strategies, trends in the supplier market, procurement methods and market developments in Germany. Reporting also focuses on key automobile markets throughout the world. AUTOMOBIL PRODUKTION provides a single source of all important information for management in the entire automotive sector as required for future-oriented decisions. The industry trade journal analyzes and interprets technological developments and measures to increase added value in the production creation process. Special issues are regularly published to look at specific topics relating to automobile production in more detail, providing in-depth reports on the relevant trends, perspectives and background.

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