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Point by point to the perfect welding result

Flexible Production
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Minimal downtimes, optimum accessibility and high productivity when joining aluminium - this is what the new "DeltaCon" welding guns for conventional spot welding and the "DeltaSpot" system with revolving process strip from Fronius stand for. And the new "WeldCube" documentation and data analysis system helps users optimize processes and avoid errors.

The "DeltaSpot" resistance spot welding process from Fronius Perfect Welding is suitable for aluminium, steel and other materials. A characteristic feature is the circulating process strip, which is located between the electrodes and the sheets to be joined. With the strip, users can weld up to 7,000 spots without interruption; its continuous movement leads to a welding process of consistently high quality: the system provides a new contact surface for each weld spot. The result: precise and reproducible welding.

Every weld spot can be reproduced exactly

The process belt transmits the welding current and protects the contact surfaces of the electrodes from contamination. This significantly increases the service life of the electrodes: depending on the application, up to 20,000 points are possible. Each welding spot is 100 percent reproducible. Since there is no direct contact between the electrode and the sheet metal, the weld spots are free of spatter and there is no need for time-consuming tip dressing of the electrodes. Surface deformation and electrode impression are also minimal with the "DeltaSpot" process.

Welding guns with modular design

The new "DeltaCon" welding guns in three variants are designed with or without gun compensation, depending on the version. This function helps to fine-tune the guns before the actual welding process and prevents the plates from deforming due to inaccuracies during adjustment.

The "DeltaCon" guns have a modular design and have the same main components in both X and C geometry. This allows users to flexibly solve a wide range of welding tasks without the need for expensive storage costs for various components. The transformer is already integrated in the basic body, has its own cooling circuit and is suitable for all aluminium applications. The individual components can be easily installed and removed during assembly and service thanks to their well thought-out arrangement. This reduces downtimes to a minimum and enables high productivity. Users can universally connect the "DeltaCon" guns to various robot types.

Intuitive programming

The welding guns are programmed intuitively via a graphical user interface. In addition, all "DeltaCon" and "DeltaSpot" models can be connected to the "WeldCube" documentation and data analysis system. This enables constant and cross-device monitoring and evaluation of the welding processes and thus helps to improve quality.

With "WeldCube", about 50 power sources can be networked, depending on the server dimensioning. The browser-based software collects data on current, voltage, wire feed and welding speed, among other things. Users can use this information to improve welding processes and optimize energy consumption. A customizable dashboard with various statistics and filter functions provides a simple overview. This means that users always have the most important data at their fingertips. In addition, they can call up the results not only on their computer, but also via mobile devices.

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